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understanding the  

Stabilizing the healthcare industry’s staffing shortage should start with redesigning the work model, investing in people, and rebuilding trust in leadership.

We specializes in helping healthcare organizations find and hire qualified candidates for various positions within the healthcare industry. We work both with employers and job seekers, assessing the needs and qualifications of both parties to match them effectively. We advise and guide both parties throughout the hiring process and may assist with salary negotiations and other related tasks. We are also involved in the onboarding process for new hires and may provide training and support to help new employees adjust to their new roles.

Konikma healthcare recruitment

Acute Hospitals
Nursing Homes
Day Care
Palliative Care
BPO Healthcare
Diagnostic Centres

Konikma work with 

who we hire 

Health Care Assistant
Nursing Aide
Enrolled Nurse
Registered Nurse
Medical/Lab Technologist
Medical Social Worker
Physical Therapy
Cardiovascular Technology
MRI Technology
Dental Hygienists
Respiratory Therapists
Laboratory Technicians

Hire with Speed
Speed 50% more efficient and less cost per hire

Konikma has a deep understanding of the job market and the industries they serve and healthcare is one of them. Konikma is continuously identifying and nurturing relationships with potential candidates, even if there are no current openings so that we have a pool of qualified candidates ready to interview when a position becomes available.

Time Taken        Activities

2 Days:                    Times to identify existing candidates.

1 Day:                      Screening of candidates to fit customer requirements.

3 Days:                    Screening by customer human resources.

5 Days:                    Interview by the Hiring Manager.

7 Days:                    Offer sent to the candidate and accepted. 

Less than 20 days to close hiring, this is for a local candidate hiring.

For hiring foreign candidates in Singapore this timeline may increase due to WP or EP application along with Security bind if required. 

For Singapore Employer


Konikma is actively recruiting from the following countries 




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