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We understand that finding the right team is crucial for the success of your business.

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Selecting the ideal candidate for your business is an essential decision that depends on your approach to searching, evaluating, and interviewing potential applicants.

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Why are you hiring?

We encourage every hiring manager to ask this question.

​It is crucial for hiring managers to ask themselves, "Why am I hiring?" because it helps to define the purpose, aspirations, and anticipations the company has for the new employee. Understanding the reason for hiring can assist in determining the essential skills and qualifications required for the job, and shape the interview and selection process. By clearly defining the basis for hiring, a hiring manager can make well-informed and strategic hiring choices that align with the organization's goals and needs.

Hiring errors can prove expensive in terms of both time and resources.


Poor hires may need extra training and support, or even termination and replacement, leading to decreased productivity and increased costs. Bad hires can also harm morale and cause team problems, damaging the company culture and financial performance. Recruiting, onboarding and training can consume significant time and resources, making hiring mistakes an unnecessary waste. Thus, it is crucial for hiring managers to approach hiring strategically to minimize the risk of costly errors.

Is Konikma the right consultant?

Konikma can assist in avoiding hiring mistakes through several methods:

Konikma brings an objective viewpoint to the hiring process and can identify potential concerns and minimize biases in decision-making.

Expertise: With extensive experience and knowledge in recruitment and selection, Konikma can provide best practices and counsel to ensure that the correct hiring decisions are made.

Broader candidate pool: Konikma has established industry connections and access to a broader candidate pool, enhancing the chances of finding the ideal fit for the organization. With recruiters in various countries, Konikma found it easy to find a niche and hard to find talent from around the globe.

Evaluation instruments: Konikma can access various evaluation instruments, such as aptitude tests, behavioral evaluations, and personality assessments, which provide a deeper understanding of a candidate's strengths and weaknesses.

Time management: Konikma can manage the time-intensive elements of the hiring process, such as sourcing and screening candidates, allowing you to concentrate on other crucial business responsibilities.

By engaging Konikma, one can benefit from their expertise and experience, reducing the risk of a costly hiring mistake.

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